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FREE Patreon. How to access for FREE to Patreon content with your own account?

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How can you access for FREE to Patreon content?

I am Héctor Rodríguez and I will show you how to earn money with promotions in order to subscribe for free to the Patreon account content you prefer. Also, you will contribute to your favourite creators so as the keep on creating that Patreon content that you like and enjoy.

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What is earning money with promotions?

The list includes:

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  • Currency Exchange companies that charge you less money than the money you send as a promotion for the first time.
  • Bank cards that return part of your expenses as cashback.
  • Cryptocurrencies exchanges and markets that give you cryptos the first time you login.
  • Airdrops of new cryptocurrencies that give you the new cryptocoin for free.
  • And more promotions which all of them are absolutely riskless…

“Aha! You are trying to sell me that wonderful list for a nice price, isn’t it?” Well…NO again. I am not going to sell you the list. I am giving you the list when you subscribe, and send you a newsletter when it is updated, for free, to help you get the free Patreon access that you want. And no spam, obviously. So, just subscribe here and start to:


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Free patreon content

Why can’t I trust the free patreon access websites?

There is no hack, app or apk that lets you access to the content of Patreon for free, BUT I am going to show you a legal trick that will make you be able to access to the content of Patreon legally without paying. Currently, in 2020, no app or hack or crack can allow you to access to the web of or the web of, or all the other platforms for artists to show their work.

Warning! What most of these free Patreon access or free Patreon content websites are really going to do, is install some kind of virus or malware. In conclusion, the only way to enjoy a free Patreon access is to pay the subscription, without paying with your own money, and then, do the free Patreon login to access the free Patreon content of your free Patreon account.


What is Patreon?

Content creation is a demanding job, it requires a lot of work, love, passion and also some money. The artists or content creators had needed to “sell their soul to the devil” during the History. It means, they needed to achieve an agreement between the art they were willing to create and the content they needed to produce to please the main contributor.

The internet brought a complete new focus on the way content can be commercialized and consumed. While a few decades ago a musician had to be liked by a record company so as to have a disc recorded, produced, promoted and distributed to the customers, now the quick access we have to information has changed everything and anybody can do all those tasks and the disc can be directly sold to the customers. And Patreon is guilty of that jump.

Let’s say that you give your opinion over technology. Before the internet, you needed a mass media, for example a magazine, to spread your message. So you needed a publishing company to hire and pay you to write articles. The link between the creator of content and the consumer of that content depended on the publisher. Right now, Patreon has changed that.

So Patreon has started to substitute some of the roles the big companies usually provided as chain between the content creators and the fans. Mainly in the part of providing a trustful environment of payment for the followers. It is still a long way to walk, but everyday, steps are made in that direction.

Another way of explaining what Patreon is. Patreon is a website platform that allows content creators to share their exclusive content with their followers. Patreon content can be free, have a monthly payment or be paid variably.

Although Patreon content is mainly based on photos, audios and videos, there are also files of other types: games developments (for example skins for the game Sims), webcomics, pdfs, song lists… Patreon content creators are musicians, podcasters, video artists, athletes, cartoonists, writers, cosplayers, nutritionists, programmers, stylists… Free patreon content

What are free Patreons and paid Patrons?

The philosophy behind what Patreon is, is based on the principle of the crowdfunding: The direct financiation of the creator or the project without a middle men. Just to clarify, both names Patreons and Patrons are freely used without distinction.

So the definition of Patrons is: people who decide to contribute economically to a specific piece of content or to the creator. It can be a one time contribution or a monthly payment.

There are different ways to access patreon content, both free and paid content.

  • There is the one payment only access. It can be considered as an admission fee that you only have to pay once to access. Once inside there is no more payments to enjoy the content.
  • Some Patreon content creators have chosen a single monthly subscription model. You pay a fixed amount each month that allows you to access all the content they post during that month in their Patreon account and the previously published.
  • Another Patreon content creators let you have a free subscription to their free Patreon account. You can see some of the content they post, but, some of the other Patreon content, has to be paid for individually or monthly.
  • There is also the option given by some Patreon creators to order personalized services at a personalized price. It can be a specific kind of photograph, a personalized diet, a song with some agreed words, a picture on demand, a videoconference, etc…

Is Patreon FREE?

Yes and no. Patreon content creators can publish public posts which can be seen by everyone even if they are not a paid Patron. They may publish free content in some other free platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify…

There are different “tiers“ as different levels of support. A free tier is possible, but not frequent. The minimun amount is 1$/€/£ each month and there is no maximun limit.

Patreon creators can share some of the content to “all the Patrons“ or to specific tiers, meaning that if you are paying a lower level of tier than the minimun tier required, you would not be able to access that content. This means that tier rewards are associated to the amount of money you pay, the more money paid, the higher the tier and more rewards you will get.

Why would I become a Patron and pay for Patreon content?

When you become a paying Patron in any of the different tiers offered, you will get access to rewards. Obviously, the rewards depend on the amount of money you pay each month, i.e. the tier you are in. Rewards depend on the creator, they can be: individual videoconference, be listed as a Patron in the content, early access to the content, exclusive and/or personalized content, behind the scenes, voting over themes for future content, raffle, etc…Is Patreon free

Why is important to pay content creators?

If you enjoy a not very commercial hobby, the content creator which satisfies that hobby may need to dedicate time and energy to earn money outside of his passion.

With a contribution he can focus in creating new things that you both love. Wouldn’t you pay 1$/month to have a coffe with somebody especial to you which makes you laugh, think, feel, evade…? Well, that contribution is a way of communicating the author how much you value his content. When a content creator reaches enough paying fans, he can fully dedicate to his art, improve the cuantity and cuality of his production and make it sustainable.

Can I have a Patreon free trial?

Right now, there is no Patreon free trial of any kind offered in a general way. Some specific authors may occasionally offer a Patreon free trial so you can check what is inside the paying tiers. But as far as I know a Patreon free trial is something really rare.

How can I get a free Patreon access?

You can have a free Patreon access just by registering and join the 6 million Patrons supporting over 200.000 creators with over 1 Billion $ this year. Registering is completely free, but you will be restricted to just free Patreon access public posts. If you find a creator you like and decide to contribute, then is when you will be charged. One clever way of accessing the paying tiers is to earn money from promotions. Subscribe here and start to


EARN 150$. It is QUICK and EASY. (You just need to be over 18 y.o. and an ID)

 Free Patreon

A few more knowledge about Patreon

So now that we have cleared how to have a free Patreon access, talked about free Patreon content and explained you how you can access to the paid content if you subscribe to my newsletter to earn money with promotions, let’s explain a few random facts about Patreon.

Trying to solve an economic problem, Jack Conte created the idea for Patreon in 2013. He had millions of views in his music videos but was struggling with money and just earning a few hundred dollars each month. So he imagined a model in which fans directly pay to the creators instead of an ads based model, and Patreon was born.

Right now, as he has created a great community of supporters, he is been paid about 7.000$ for each video he publishes. You can discover his music in Patreon, but not for free.

How can I find new paid and free artists in Patreon?

Patreon website has a free search tool to find artists. It works as a normal content or artist search box, and you can, also, give access and connect your Twitter, Youtube and/or Facebook account to find creators. Instagram, Twitch, Tumblr and Spotify links are probably been developed.

Has Patreon Porn?

They define material as pornographic when real people engage in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera. And they don’t allow it.

It can be read from a different angle: drawings are allowed, as they are not real people. Nudes are allowed, if they are considered art.

But if you are searching for explicit porn in Patreon, that is not the best place to search, you can find it in some other place.

So, in conclusion, after all that you have learned in this website about free Patreon access to content, free Patreon login and even free Patreon trial, my advice is this: if you want to access to paid content and support your content creators while not paying money from your own pocket, i. e. get free Patreon, subscribe below and start to:


EARN 150$. It is QUICK and EASY. (You just need to be over 18 y.o. and an ID)